Agreement Confirmation

#1: Appearance/Behavior:

Branded shirts must be worn by all workers on site. These are provided at no-charge, it is your responsibility to ensure you have enough for your crew.

Work vehicles will be clean and customer driveways protected from any leaks. Please be aware of foul language, we work in a residential environment. No music, smoking on customer property, or arguments on-site.

Act like the Guests that we are.

My response to #1:

#2 Certifications/Insurance:

Crew leader must be certified by State of (state) for lead-paint renovation work. ALL requirements of the law must be followed, "Example Company" will not pay fines related to lack of compliance on this issue. Any fines levied against "Example Company" will be back charged to violating crew.

All crews will maintain suitable coverage/ insurance for work performed. Our agent, John and Heather Gray is an excellent source and will work to find you the best rates. (253) 759-6584

IF YOU LACK INSURANCE YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOCATED JOBS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Certificates of insurance must be provided prior to project allocation. Should your policy lapse during season, resulting in an Audit fine to "Example Company", you will be back-charged the audit amount + $250 administration fee. Failure to compensate "Example Company" for policy lapses will terminate our relationship. You are responsible for working in compliance with OSHA regulations.

My response to #2:

#3 Materials:

All materials (paint, drywall, tile, cabinetry) will be paid for by the company (or by the sub in a case by case situation). Should you need to purchase something for the project, keep your receipt, take a picture of it and you will be reimbursed. Orders will be ready for pick-up the morning project is due to start. You are responsible for material pick-up, with some exceptions with large quantities. We will order additional materials as requested throughout the project. Unless otherwise arranged, you are responsible for picking up these products.

My response to #3:

#4 Company Equipment:

NSS has specialty tools available for use, should they be needed. You are responsible for transporting these items to/from your job site. Gas powered tools should be returned full of gas and ready for use.

My response to #4:

#5 Job Site Management:

All work must be completed per the Work Order. No exceptions. You will be emailed an Work Order at least 1 week prior to the first day of project. If work order is vague or unclear, please clarify with NSS for the specifics of the job.

Work must be performed in a logical manner. No prep until protection in place and set-up (shutters, downspouts removed etc) completed. No finish coats until all prep is completed. We glue our trim/miters We use top quality thinsets and adhesives. We use pex a or similar quality fittings. Nothing good comes from being caught taking short-cuts by the homeowner. Remember you are always being watched by somebody, homeowner or neighbor, so act accordingly to avoid issues.

Materials and tools will be staged in an area pre-approved by the homeowner. All items not in direct use must be stored in this area to contain our impact on their lives.

ALL adjacent surfaces not being worked on MUST be protected by drop-cloths, masking paper or plastic film before work takes place. Particular attention must be paid to plantings, stonework/ patios, finish flooring, roofing and brickwork.

Site will be cleaned continuously throughout day, especially during transitions between phases. All trash will be staged out of the customers way until it’s picked up for disposal. ALL food waste will be removed daily; food and wrappers left in trash bags will attract animals.

My response to #5:

#6 Customer Interactions:


EVERY effort must be made to provide the customer with an exceptional experience. Please do everything in your power to make this happen.

Smile, say hello, help with the garbage cans/groceries, chase down that loose dog. Go out of your way to make them feel comfortable with you/ your crew on site.

This DOES NOT mean you need to do work beyond the job scope or perform other non-construction tasks for them. We are there to build, fulfill our agreement and earn a living.

When, not if, the homeowner asks you to do ‘just this one thing’ simply say that you need to speak with Kyle to determine a price. I will take care of all customer requests or complaints and protect you from feeling obligated to give away your time. Be polite, contact me and go back to the work at hand.

Side Jobs:

Customers will ask you if will do work directly for them, without involving NSS. These are the company’s clients, not yours.

We will terminate our relationship with any subcontractor discovered, now or in the future, to have performed work for NSS customers without our direct involvement, or permission.


All customer complaints should be directed to Kyle for resolution. Politely listen to their concerns, acknowledge them and contact us immediately. A great phrase to diffuse the situation is “that sounds frustrating” We will insulate you from any attitude from the customer.

Problem Customers:

Thankfully, these are rare but they can slip through the interview process. We will not tolerate any disrespect towards you by a customer or neighbor. Contact Kyle immediately if issues arise so that we can address the situation.


Our post-job sign-off process, including you, Kyle and the homeowner, should catch any issues before we drive away.

Should any touch-ups arise once we’ve left, they must be addressed prior to the following pay period to be considered a completed job.

My response to #6:

#7 Job Payment:

NSS will pay for completed work every Friday. Partially completed jobs may be paid in accordance to work remaining. Checks will be left for pick up at NSS office by 12:00.

Carpentry hours must be reported by 5pm Thursday to be included in weekly pay-period. Hours not reported on time, or occurring on Friday will be added to following weeks pay.

My response to #7: